Solar Panel Bird Mesh


Introducing our premium PVC solar panel bird proofing mesh, designed to provide superior protection against birds and wildlife seeking refuge under your solar panels.

Our solar panel bird proofing mesh provides an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution to keep unwanted guests away from your solar panel installation. Its large roll size ensures that you’ll have sufficient material for any project, large or small.

Protect your investment and maintain the efficiency of your solar panels with our dependable mesh, tailored to meet your needs.

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Material: This robust mesh is crafted from 0.93mm diameter galvanized wire, ensuring strength and durability.

Coating: For added resilience and a sleek appearance, the wire is coated with black PVC, expanding its diameter to 1.25mm. This coating enhances its look and adds a layer of weather resistance.

Dimensions: Supplied in 200m x 30m rolls, our solar panel mesh has been thoroughly tried and tested, effectively excluding birds and other creatures from nesting beneath solar panels.

Installation: Fitting our mesh is a simple process. Begin by clearing all existing nesting debris from underneath the solar panels. Sanitizing the area with products such as Bio-Rid helps in maintaining hygiene. Finally, use our specially designed solar panel clips to fit the mesh securely.

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