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Solar Panel Bird Proofing UK

Protect Your Green Energy Investment: Bird Proofing Solar Panels Prevents Pigeon Damage and Preserves System Integrity.

Pigeons, known for being noisy and messy, can harm your Solar PV System by nesting underneath, potentially damaging cables or the panels themselves. This nesting can cause faults within the system, threatening your green energy investment.

A simple yet effective solution to this problem is solar panels bird proofing, also known as pigeon-proofing solar panels.

By installing wire mesh or bird netting around the outside perimeter of the panels, the bird proofing prevents pigeons from nesting underneath. This precautionary measure safeguards the panels from potential pigeon-related damage and protects your investment in sustainable energy.

It’s a practical way to ensure the integrity and efficiency of your solar energy system, all without impacting the panels’ warranty.

Solar Panel
Pigeon Protection

Stop Birds Nesting Effectively

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Effective protection against nesting and damage ensures clean energy efficiency and preserves your solar investment.

Innovative Design

A fresh and modern approach to solar panel layout enhances appearance and performance in a user-friendly way.

15-Year Product Guarantee

A solid commitment to quality and durability, providing you with a decade and a half of assured performance and peace of mind.

Effective and Reliable Bird Proofing Service

Opt for environmentally friendly solar panel protection tailored to withstand bird-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Bird-Proof Your Solar Panels?

Bird-proofing your solar panels is essential to prevent birds, particularly pigeons, from nesting underneath and causing damage. Nesting birds can lead to system malfunctions, reduced energy efficiency, and even costly repairs. By bird-proofing your solar panels with a professional solution, you ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your solar investment.

It’s a preventive measure that maintains the aesthetic appeal of the panels and safeguards against potential damage, all without impacting the warranty. Bird-proofing is not just a protection against immediate problems; it’s an investment in the continuous, unimpeded production of clean energy for your home or business.

Bird-proofing your solar panels is essential for several reasons.
  1. Nesting Birds: Birds, especially pigeons, often find solar panels a convenient nesting place. This nesting can obstruct the panels and cause malfunctions, reducing efficiency and potentially damaging the system.
  2. Bird Droppings: Accumulation of bird droppings on the panels can significantly reduce solar absorption, leading to decreased performance. Regular cleaning to remove droppings can become a constant maintenance issue.
  3. Roof Tiles: Nesting birds and their activities may also cause damage to roof tiles, leading to further maintenance and repair costs. In some cases, the nesting materials and debris may clog gutters, leading to water damage.
  4. Aesthetic and Hygiene Concerns: Besides the potential physical damage, bird droppings and nesting can create unsightly appearances and hygiene issues.
  5. Longevity and Investment Protection: By bird-proofing your solar panels, you ensure your solar energy system’s long-term efficiency and integrity, preserving both appearance and functionality.
  6. Compatibility with Warranties: Professional bird-proofing solutions are designed to protect without affecting the warranty of your panels, making it a safe and wise investment.

How easy is the installation of solar panel bird proofing?

The installation of solar panel bird-proofing for your solar panel array is a specialized process offered by our solar panel company, focusing on our bird-proofing services. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Supply & Installation Using Rope Access: Instead of expensive scaffolding, our trained installers use rope access techniques to quickly and safely access every panel in your solar panel array. This method streamlines the installation and saves on costs.
  • Removal of Nests and Gutter Clearing: As part of our bird-proofing services, we remove any existing bird nests and clear the gutters, ensuring the area is prepared for applying solar panel clips and other bird-proofing measures.
  • Biocide Application: We apply a biocide treatment to eradicate harmful organisms, providing a clean slate for installing bird-proofing solar panel clips.
  • Panel Cleaning: Lastly, the panels are cleaned. A hose or water supply is needed for this step, and an extra charge may apply if the panels are exceptionally dirty.

Overall, our pigeon-proofing services are designed to be a smooth and efficient solution for protecting your solar panel array without undue hassle or expense.

What is the price range for pigeon-proofing solar panels?

The cost of pigeon and bird-proofing solar panels can fluctuate based on specific needs and individual requirements. At Solaguard – Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels, we strive to provide a competitive quote and a compelling product and service. Quality is paramount to us; you can easily purchase our products in-store or contact us for a quotation.

Do you offer Solar Panel Cleaning?

While we do not offer solar panel cleaning as a standalone or one-off service, it is an integral part of our process when we install solar panel bird protection. When you choose our bird-proofing solutions, the cleaning of the solar panels is included to ensure that the panels are in optimal condition for the bird protection installation. This approach allows us to provide a comprehensive service that safeguards your panels against birds and ensures they are clean and functioning efficiently as part of the bird-proofing process.

What access will you need to install the solar panel bird proofing?

Gaining access to the solar panels is a crucial part of the installation process. Typically, roof access is required to install the bird-proofing measures properly. The extent of access needed will depend on the specific layout and design of the roof and solar panels. Our team will carefully assess the situation and communicate any specific access requirements with you. We utilize specialized techniques to safely and efficiently reach the panels, ensuring a smooth installation process.

If you have any concerns or unique considerations regarding roof access, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

What happens to the pigeons nesting under the solar panels once bird proofing is installed?

When pigeons are nesting under solar panels, they typically present a dual issue. Females are usually found under the panels tending to the nests, while males may be nearby on the property, contributing to noise and mess.

It’s not common for pigeons to leave immediately after installing bird proofing. They might explore and investigate the area for a period. It’s essential to understand that pigeons in the UK nest year-round, having several broods annually, and mate for life. When dealing with nature, there are no absolutes.

Once the females are ready to nest again, they will seek a new sheltered spot, and the males will follow. This natural behaviour tends to make them move on from the location where bird proofing has been applied to the solar panels, but the timing can vary.

Is it necessary to add spikes to my ridge tiles for bird proofing?

The decision to install spikes on ridge tiles is generally a matter of personal preference. Most often, our pigeon-proofing solutions for solar panels are sufficient to deter birds. However, if you desire additional protection, we can explore other options, such as bird spikes or post & wire systems.

If you opt for bird spikes, they will be securely affixed using high-strength adhesive. We typically utilize ridge brackets or adhesive bases for the post and wire system. We invite you to learn more about these and other bird-proofing solutions we offer to tailor the protection to your specific needs and preferences.