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Are you considering solar energy storage solutions to maximize energy independence and reduce electricity bills? Look no further! Growatt batteries are making waves in the solar industry, and for good reason. In this comprehensive Growatt battery review, we will explore the ins and outs of Growatt batteries, from their innovative technology to real-life experiences, helping you make an informed decision for your solar energy storage needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Growatt is a globally recognised provider of solar solutions with LiFePO4 residential rooftop batteries, high-power inverters and a 10-year UK product warranty.
  • Growatt batteries offer outstanding performance, efficiency and safety features, and smart energy management solutions for efficient usage.
  • Customers have experienced reliable cost-effectiveness from Growatt’s aesthetically pleasing design & strong focus on inverters, allowing them to make informed decisions about their solar storage options.

Growatt Battery Overview

A picture of Growatt inverters and smart energy solutions

Established in 2010, Growatt has quickly become a global leader in the solar industry, providing smart energy solutions for residential, commercial, and off-grid solar PV requirements. With over 2.6 million inverters shipped worldwide, Growatt is known for its efficiency, excellent safety features, and fantastic prices. As a certified Platinum Installer of Growatt, Deege Solar offers a range of Growatt inverters and batteries, catering to various solar PV needs.

Growatt boasts a product line that comprises solar panels, inverters, and battery storage systems. They entered the battery storage market in 2019, offering various innovative energy storage solutions, including their LiFePO4 residential rooftop solar batteries. With their modular, stackable designs and flexible capacities, Growatt batteries are suitable for both on-grid and off-grid systems, providing customers with reliable and cost-effective energy storage options.

Growatt Inverters

Growatt offers a wide power range of on-grid and off-grid storage inverters, covering various applications such as residential, commercial, and off-grid solar PV systems. Their on-grid inverters have a power capacity range of 1 kW to 100 kW, catering to different energy requirements. Growatt is an energy enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality inverters and battery solutions for various scenarios, including residential, commercial, PV poverty alleviation, utility-scale, and other storage power station projects. With their storage inverters cover, Growatt ensures the protection and longevity of their products.

One notable product from Growatt is their single-phase AC-coupled battery inverter, which is compatible with their low-voltage batteries and can be monitored through their cloud platform. This AC-coupled battery inverter is an ideal solution for enhancing existing solar PV systems with a storage system, such as the Growatt 6.5kWh battery.

Growatt inverters with power ratings under 50kW include an industry-leading, 10-year UK product warranty. This gives customers complete peace of mind regarding their Growatt inverter purchase decision.

Growatt Batteries

Growatt’s residential rooftop solar batteries offer the following features:

  • Employ LiFePO4 battery technology, known for its low voltage and modular stackable designs with flexible capacities
  • Designed with a Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates and tracks their performance and safety through Growatt’s Online Smart Service
  • Provide backup energy when the National Grid is down, thanks to their Emergency Power Supply (EPS) output

One of Growatt’s popular batteries is the GBLI6531, which has a nominal storage capacity of 6.5 kWh and a usable storage capacity of 6 kWh. With a power output of 4.2kW, this battery caters to various energy storage needs, ensuring reliable performance and energy savings. Its flexible capacity makes it a versatile choice for different applications.

Performance and Efficiency

A picture of a Growatt inverter with excellent safety and efficiency

Growatt batteries are renowned for their high energy density and efficiency, providing reliable power for various applications. Here are some key features of Growatt batteries:

  • High energy density and efficiency
  • Depth of discharge (DoD) of up to 94.5%
  • Consistent and effective power delivery
  • Small form factor
  • Simple installation

These features make Growatt batteries an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Growatt batteries’ outstanding safety features enhance their efficiency and performance further. With a focus on delivering top-notch hardware and software, Growatt has built a reputation for providing solar energy solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.

Smart Energy Management Solutions

Growatt designs smart energy management solutions to streamline energy usage and provide cost-effective and remote-controlled PV inverters for on-grid, off-grid, and storage systems. Integrating these solutions with your solar battery ensures that your energy consumption is managed efficiently, resulting in lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact.

One of Growatt’s smart energy management offerings is the Growatt Smart Energy Manager, designed to monitor self-consumption and limit commercial solar and storage system export. This product can provide flexible energy management solutions for multiple inverters and provides online monitoring and measuring capabilities.

Harnessing Growatt’s smart energy solutions allows you to manage your energy usage effectively, maximizing your solar investment.

Installation and Technical Support

A picture of a Growatt inverter installed in an industrial park

Growatt batteries boast a user-friendly installation process, which involves the following steps:

  1. Open the battery cover.
  2. Thread the cables through the relevant components.
  3. Connect the cables to the terminals.
  4. Power on the battery.

This straightforward process ensures that your solar battery can be up and running quickly, providing you with a reliable energy storage source.

Certified installers like Deege Solar provide technical support for Growatt batteries, encompassing installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. With the help of expert technicians, you can rest assured that your solar battery system will be installed and maintained to the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Growatt Support

Growatt pledges to deliver excellent customer service and support for their solar batteries. They offer:

  • Outcall technical support, guaranteeing that your system is consistently managed properly
  • Localized service support available through subsidiaries
  • Dedicated sales and customer support teams

You can expect prompt assistance for any technical or customer inquiries.

In addition to outcall technical support, Growatt provides online and phone support for technical and customer inquiries. By offering a range of resources for troubleshooting and maintenance, Growatt ensures that your solar battery system remains in optimal working order, providing you with reliable and efficient energy storage for years to come.

Real-Life Experiences with Growatt Batteries

A picture of a customer with a Growatt battery that has been working for almost a year

You can easily find reviews for Growatt batteries, offering insights into their performance and reliability. Users have shared positive reviews of the battery’s performance, durability, and energy savings, attesting to the benefits of this innovative energy storage solution.

Nevertheless, some customers have reported issues with the charging algorithm and difficulty connecting to the app. While these critiques are worth considering, the overall consensus is that Growatt batteries provide a range of top-notch options at an equitable cost, making them a solid choice for solar energy storage.

Success Stories

Numerous customers have relayed their favourable experiences with Growatt solar batteries, praising their reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These positive experiences highlight the advantages of utilizing Growatt batteries in residential and commercial settings, resulting in significant energy savings and dependable performance.

From the ease of installation to the long-term benefits of reduced energy bills, these success stories demonstrate the value of investing in Growatt solar batteries. By choosing Growatt for your solar energy storage needs, you can join the ranks of satisfied customers who have reaped the rewards of this innovative technology.

Common Challenges

Despite the many positive experiences with Growatt batteries, some customers have encountered challenges such as slow charging and inadequate customer service. Potential causes of slow charging include incorrect installation, inadequate maintenance, and a defective battery. To address these issues, it’s vital to ensure the correct installation and upkeep of the battery and engage with knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives.

By acknowledging and addressing these common challenges, Growatt can continue to improve its products and services, ensuring that customers receive the best possible experience with their solar batteries.

Comparing Growatt to Other Solar Battery Brands

A picture of a Growatt inverter connected to solar panels and a solar battery

In considering solar energy storage options, comparing Growatt batteries with other leading solar battery brands is crucial. Some of the brands to consider are:

  • Fronius
  • Sungrow
  • LG Chem
  • Huawei
  • SMA
  • BYD
  • Kostal
  • SolarEdge

While each brand has unique features and capabilities, Growatt is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing hardware design and strong focus on inverters.

By comparing Growatt batteries to other solar battery brands, potential customers can make informed decisions about their solar energy storage options, selecting the best solution for their specific needs and preferences. With various high-quality options available, the solar energy storage market offers something for everyone.


In conclusion, Growatt batteries provide a reliable and efficient solution for solar energy storage, offering innovative technology, smart energy management solutions, and exceptional customer support. While some challenges may be encountered, the consensus is that Growatt batteries are a solid choice for residential and commercial solar energy storage. Investing in Growatt batteries can take a significant step towards energy independence, reducing electricity bills and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Growatt batteries reliable?

Growatt batteries are reliable because their cells are made with cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate, one of the most reliable, safe and long-lasting lithium battery technologies.

What are the common faults with Growatt inverters?

Common faults with Growatt inverters include message and error codes. These messages typically indicate a malfunction or system failure that must be addressed to maintain optimal performance.

Where are Growatt batteries made?

Growatt batteries are manufactured by Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese solar inverter company established in 2010, with production plants in China and offices across Europe, the US and Australia. The company strongly focuses on research and development and has developed various innovative products, including its flagship Growatt battery.

Is Growatt an excellent solar inverter?

Growatt solar inverters are popular for their IP65 rating and affordability. They have been awarded 19 ‘Top Brand PV Inverter’ seals by EUPD Research, indicating their reliable performance, widespread market presence, and customer satisfaction.

What types of solar energy storage solutions does Growatt offer?

Growatt provides solar energy storage solutions such as on-grid and off-grid storage inverters, as well as LiFePO4 residential rooftop solar batteries with various capacities.

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